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New Project Launch

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010 is now fully live. This is a project that I’m proud of for a number of reasons. The cause that it supports is one that is close to my heart, I got a chance to flex my creative muscles, and I expanded my experience in PHP development and WordPress customization.

Pocket Change Apparel is an online clothing store and half the proceeds from every sale go towards sponsoring children through Compassion Canada (a World Vision type of organization). Kristen and I have our sponsor child through Compassion, and the work they do is truly amazing. Pocket Change was founded by Jared Henriques (@JaredHenriques) and I became connected by a recomendation from a friend and past client. The discovery and design phases of this project were a ton of fun and I fiddled with several styles before settling on the final motif for the site. Once design was signed off on the real nuts and bolts had to be put together, and I employed my new best friend in WordPress cms, the power of WordPress beyond simply blog moderation is pretty amazing, and the plugin support makes it a dream to configure functionality that would normally take much longer to develope.

I’m glad to see this site finally live and poised to make a difference in the lives of children around the world.

The official launch of the website will be on May 29 when there will be a evening event at Springvale Baptist church in stouffville.

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